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        Carolyn Pogue

        Imagination * Passion * Creative Flair

        Carolyn Pogue is a Canadian author, editor and workshop presenter. She lives in Calgary, Alberta which is Treaty 7 Territory and Metis Region 3. Her titles include books for teachers, children, adults and teens.

        Carolyn has travelled to many countries of the world and is inspired by peacemakers and justice-seekers of all ages. She lived in Ontario, Quebec and Northwest Territories/Denendeh before settling in Alberta.


        Story Medicine for the Soul

        Story Medicine for the Soul is an umbrella under which the magic and mystery of stories is sheltered and allowed to flourish. As a Retreat Facilitator, Soul Companion, Writing Workshop Facilitator, Artist-at-Play and Writer, Carolyn is always amazed at how stories change lives.

        In 2020, Carolyn began telling family stories under The Story Tree via Youtube. They can be found on the Video page. For even more fun, she and Bill Phipps began creating videos about The Old People (exercising, downsizing, camping, fun). The latest is Protesting with Old People.

        Carolyn is available to work with individuals or with groups. Simply contact her to discuss your workshop or retreat ideas, or to arrange an appointment for individual work. Rates are flexible.

        Click here to see past events


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